How to Secure a Hat That Will Not Stay On.

“How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about” -Philip Treacy

Do you have a hat that will not stay on? I Do. Every time I look up or someone tries to give me a hug, off goes the hat. So I found a way to keep it secure even through a tornado. So First things first…you will need…
-A Hat
-Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
-Ribbon (any size will do) Try to Match the Color to the Hat.
-Bobby Pins
Once you have all the supplies take a piece of ribbon about 3 inches.
unnamed (1).png
Then cut that in half so that you have two pieces that are an inch and a half long.
unnamed (2).png
Next you will add a pea sized amount of hot glue to the end of the ribbon.
unnamed (3).png
Fold the ribbon in half, and attach it to the opposite end.
You should now have a loop. Like this.
Now add another pea sized dab of glue to the opposite end of the loop. This is the part you are going to attach to the inner brim of the hat.
Attach and hold firmly until the glue dries.
This is how it should look now.
Do the same for both sides…
The last step is to insert you favorite bobby pin into the loop on each side.
All you have to do now is secure the bobby pins to your hair and do not worry about your hat falling off anymore. Bring on the wind 🙂

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