How to Remove Stubborn Labels off Bottles

One mans trash is another mans treasure… – Unknown

Sometimes we have those stubborn labels that won’t come off, after we spend forever peeling piece by piece we are left with this sticky residue. We found a way to avoid all that nonsense with some items that you probably already in your house. You can use this trick with any glass bottle.

What you will need:

  • 1/2 cup baking powder
  • Sink full of super hot water
  • 2 Cup Vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. Dish Soap

Bottle DIY Gemini and Archer.PNG

1.Fill your sink and bottle with very hot water. Put the bottle into the water.

Gemini and Archer Fill Sink.PNG

2.Add the baking powder and dish soap to the water in the sink. Add the vinegar last.


3.You should now see a chemical reaction. Like this…

Chemical Mixture Gemini and Archer.PNG

4.Leave the bottle in the mixture for 1 minutes. The label should slide right off.

You can use the bottles from this hack for many different things. We made a little vase.  Get creative 🙂

Gemini and Archer Finished Bottle DIY.PNG



De-Stress Bath Bomb

“When in Doubt, Take a Bath.” -Mae West

After a long day our de-stress bath bomb is the best way to relax. So grab a glass of wine (or juice) and take a load off. This recipe took a little while to perfect, but if you follow the recipe exactly…it should be a breeze. Getting the supplies can cost a bit, but you will get a lot out bath bombs of it.

Here is what we used:

  • 1 Cup Citric Acid
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 Cornstarch
  • 1/2 Cup Melted Coconut Oil
  • 21 Drops of Essential Oil(s)
  • Silicone Mold (or a mold of your choice)
  • Food Coloring (Optional)
  • Glitter (Optional



  1. In large bowl combine all dry ingredients. (If you are using food coloring, now would be the time to add it.) We have found that the best way to mix, is using your hands. We used gloves so that our hands did not stain. Keep using drops till you reach the desired intensity. We used 12 drops of blue and 6 drops of green to get the beautiful aqua color. When you mix the food coloring to the dry ingredients the color will look light, but it will get darker when added the wet ingredients.


2. Put 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil in a microwave safe bowl and melt. (About 20 seconds).


3. Pour the wet ingredients slowly to the dry ingredients. We just poured spoonfuls at a time while mixing with one hand. You will want the consistency of wet sand. (Think sand castle.) To check squeeze the mixture in your hand and once it all sticks together with out crumbling, it is ready.

Gemini and Archer Bath Bombs.PNGGemini and Archer Bath Bomb  Stress Relief.PNG

4. When the mixture is ready you are going to add your essential Oils. We used 7 drops each of Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankincense. Equaling to 21 drops. (This blend can help to relive stress and anxiety.:)

5. Now you are ready to put the mixture into your mold. Make sure you pack the mixture down firmly.



6. Let your mixture sit in the mold for about 24 hours. Or if you are impatient like us you can put them in the freezer. Ours were ready in only 2 hours 🙂

Gemini and Archer Stress Relief Bath Bomb.PNG

If you love bath bombs as much as us, you have to try this recipe. You will love it!

Mason Jar Luminaries

“Better to Illuminate, than Merely to Shine.” -Thomas Aquinas

You can never have too many candles. We have them all over the house. This candle would look great anywhere. Something about the way the light shines, helps greatly with relaxation. I hope it helps you to relax too. This project was super simple and very affordable (our favorite). All supplies were purchased from the dollar store.

What you will need:

  • Glass Gems
  • Mason Jar
  • Glue Sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Candle

crystal candle.PNG


So for this one, literally all you have to do is glue the little gems to the mason jar. We went in rows starting at the bottom of the jar and working upward.

gemini and archer diy candle.PNG


Work all the way to the top. Once you finish remove the lid and insert a lit candle. Now turn off the lights.

diy candle gemini and archer.PNG


We had so much fun creating this DIY. We hope you try it out, you won’t regret it. This candle looks great with the lights on or off. Enjoy!

Lemon Episom Salt Scrub

“When Life Gives You Lemons…” -Unknown

So we are deep into winter now and everyone’s skin could use a little pick me up. We made this easy and affordable body scrub that is great for everyone. Just use a little in the shower and then after you get out use some lotion, your skin will thank you. The smell is so fresh and perfect for men and women.

What you will need:

  • Juice of 2 Lemons (2 oz. lemon juice)
  • 4 tablespoons or 2 oz. olive oil
  • 1 1/2 Cups Epsom Salt
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 1/2 tablespoon rosemary seasoning (or fresh rosemary)



  1. In a medium bowl add 1 1/2 cups epsom salt.




2. Add the zest of one lemon to the bowl. We used the zest part of the cheese grater.




3. Add the juice of two lemons. (2 oz. lemon juice)



4. Add 4 Tablespoons (2 oz.) olive oil.



5. Stir well and add 1/2 tablespoon rosemary. (or 2 sprigs fresh rosemary)



6. Stir well and add to airtight container of your choice. We are using this delicious smelling scrub as little gifts, so we put it in cute little mini mason jars. We also tied cute little ribbon bows.

Gemini And Archer DIY.PNG


Hope you enjoyed this easy affordable DIY. These make perfect gifts such as stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, party favors, and even birthday surprises. This recipe even is great to make for yourself. #treatyoself